ROI Business Advisors | Quarterly Planning
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Quarterly Planning

90-Day Business Workshop

This workshop is where you:

  • Create specific, measurable, achievable and realistic annual business goals
  • Plan to exceed your current results
  • Get focused on strategies to implement in your business
  • Learn to master your time
  • Identify your priorities
  • Create the right mindset for both you and your team
  • Develop the plan for you need to achieve your goals
  • Take a realistic look at the strengths and areas for development in your business
  • Develop tactical plans for your business


Focus On:

  • sales, marketing & profitability strategies
  • on getting more done in less time via systems and processes
  • building a great team
  • Combines annual goal-setting and quarterly business planning
  • Links your annual goals down to your daily activities
90 Day Business Plan Workshop

By changing your thinking during this half-day meeting you will take different actions, and enjoy significantly better results in your business during the quarter and year.


  • This workshop is designed for business owners looking for a 10 to 400% increase in sales or net profits
  • This workshop is not recommended for businesses looking for only a small sales increase this year
  • You will leave the workshop with new ideas, a solid plan for the quarter, and achievable goals for the next year.


We look forward to hosting these workshops when they can safely be held again in-person.

Ask About our One-On-One Quarterly Business Planning

This may be the most productive four hours you invest in your business this year!