ROI Business Advisors | Marketing Plan Development
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Marketing Plan Development

The starting point for sales and marketing success


Before you can sell something, you need sales leads.  A good marketing plan creates sales leads for your business, and target customers for your sales team. Your ROI Business Advisor will work with you to develop a solid, laser-focused marketing plan with multiple strategies that you will actually implement.  That is because the plan is custom crafted to you, your business, and your team.  You will provide inputs regarding your business and industry as the plan is being created. You will be excited about the results you will achieve by implementing your plan.  We can build the plan to your company’s format if you like, or use our own.  The ideas that come from it will make your investment in the plan one of your best investments of the year!


Included in the Marketing Plan Development Program:

  • Establishing your marketing budget
  • A schedule of marketing programs
  • Goals, strategies, and tactics to be implemented which will help you bring your sales volume to the next level
  • Realistic goals and objectives based on your current business situation
  • Numbers that will drive your business – and metrics to measure how well your team is following the plan
  • Creative ideas to implement
  • A way for you to increase your company’s sales to a level you did not realistically believe you could achieve


Ask your ROI Business Advisor about how we can work together to build the strongest marketing plan you have ever had!