ROI Business Advisors | About Tom Hoarty
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About Tom Hoarty


Tom Hoarty drives business success!


Tom has spent 25 years in the semiconductor and the capital equipment industry climbing the corporate ladder at various companies while working directly for manufacturers and in the distribution chain. His positions included corporate management, finance, marketing, sales, strategic planning and division management. In every position Tom has applied proven business principles to disrupt the status quo and deliver better results.


Since 2009 he has been guiding small business owners with the same approach – teach core principles, help apply the knowledge and challenge people to execute. Tom has guided over 100 businesses and their success is the best measure of his performance.  His clients earn record profits, win awards, create jobs, become effective managers and leaders, turn around struggling companies, retire wealthy and find happiness in their decision to own a business. Tom holds a BS degree in accounting from Providence College along with years of formal and informal training from exceptional teachers and leaders.


There are 3 main reasons for working with Tom as your business advisor. The first reason is financial – Tom works on improving your cash flow along with driving more profits to your bottom line. Second is helping to build a great team, making the employees feel empowered and giving them a sense of ownership in the functions they are assigned. We will improve your team’s ability to execute strategies and deal with the changes we see every day in the business world. Your employees will be more willing to work as a team while improving their working relationships. Finally we work on ways to free up your time so that you can enjoy the fruits of being a business owner.


In addition there are also many ancillary reasons to work with Tom as your business advisor. After working with Tom you will find increased job satisfaction for you, increased morale throughout your staff, better cash flow, more profits and increased free time for you and your family.