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About Bob Kademian


After over two decades working for large multinational pharmaceutical companies, ROI Business Advisor co-founder Bob Kademian considered opening his own small business. Since a boy of ten years old, he was always interested in what made one business very successful and another not as successful.  His research revealed that the success of a small business was not guaranteed by the quality of product or service the company produced. Most companies that were either good or even great at what they did not survive five years. And even fewer lasted ten years.


Kademian soon realized that it was not only the quality of their work, but also how good a businessperson the owner was, that determined the level of success of small and mid-sized businesses.  Very few businesses stayed about the same size, many would grow over time, and most failed.


From his research, in 2004 Kademian decided that advising business owners, via coaching, counseling and consulting would be the best way to help businesses become more successful, and became a business coach! Since then he has helped a number of businesses become stronger, their teams become more effective, and their owners became stronger at running the business part of their business. He has helped some businesses move from barely surviving to thriving, and others grew over 40% in the first year working together, while some became multimillion dollar companies after experiencing significant growth.


ROI Business Advisors, utilizes strategies gained from research over the past 25 years, combined with business, and business coaching & consulting experience.  At ROI Business Advisors, he utilizes a number of tools, most of which are improved versions of tools utilized by business professionals throughout the world.


In 2016, Bob Kademian was honored as Milford Regional Chamber Board of Directors Member of the Year. The article can be viewed here: