ROI Business Advisors | Trade Show Success Workshop
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Trade Show Success Workshop

As a business owner do you constantly ask yourself – Why do I Exhibit at Trade Shows?


Do you consider the amount of your time, money and resources spent on Trade Shows a wise investment or a waste of money?

How often do you ask yourself if trade shows are worth it?


You can make trade shows a profitable investment for your business, instead of being a waste of money.




  • Participating in Trade Shows takes a considerable time, financial commitment and marketing by your company.
  • Trade shows are meant to promote your company and to generate sales leads that your sales organization needs to convert into customers.


Is your company getting an adequate ROI – Return on Investment – on your trade show participation?


Trade Show costs include:

  • Booth space rental
  • Design and construction of your booth and displays
  • Booth telecommunications and networking
  • Travel
  • Car rentals
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Literature
  • Promotional items to give to attendees
  • Electrical
  • Booth cleaning
  • Internet services
  • Shipping
  • Drayage (also known as material handling)
  • Team members’ time


ROI Business Advisors: Trade Show Success Workshop


  • Our advisors utilize a 3-step program with companies that are serious about improving the ROI on their trade show investment.
  • This is a workshop specifically designed for your company. Only your team will be involved in the workshop. We will be 100% dedicated to your company’s success.


  • Step one prior to the show – Company management meets with your advisor to identify your goals and strategies for the upcoming show. At this meeting we will determine:
    • What needs to be done prior to the show
    • What needs to be done during the show
    • What needs to be done after the show


  • Step two: closer to the show – Your advisor meets with all participants of the show. At this meeting we determine:
    • What needs to be done over the next help few weeks by those participants
    • Making a great 1st impression
    • Booth etiquette
    • Booth dress code
    • How to greet prospects
    • Booth lay out
    • Push products
    • Collection of prospects data


  • Step 3 – after the show – Your advisor meets with management and all participants of the show. At this meeting we review:

    • Items for immediate follow-up
    • Review of sales leads
    • Literature to be sent
    • Calls to be made
    • Evaluate our performance at the show
    • Brain storming
    • How to improve
    • What worked
    • What didn’t work
    • Are we going to exhibit at this show in the future
Maximize your Trade Show ROI.  Have your team participate in the ROI Business Advisors: Trade Show Success Workshop