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Want More Money? Choose Better Activities

Want More Money? Choose Better Activities

Where Attention and Activity Go Money Flows

Laws regarding business just cannot be ignored. One of the most important maxims of business is the relationship between activity and income.

The law states that your income is determined by your activity and attention. The better your everyday activity in your work, the more money you will make. Your financial results – that is profits for business owners and commissions for salespeople –  are the best gauge of the effectiveness of your activity.

How to Improve Your Activity Return on Investment

The following describes the four ways to improve your business activity.

    1. Quantity
      One way to improve your activity ROI is QUANTITY, or increasing the number of times you do something. For a salesperson, that may mean making more cold calls to attain more face-to-face appointments.
    2. Quality
      A second way is QUALITY, improving how well you execute the strategy. For the telemarketer that may mean improving presentations, asking better questions, and improving the script being used.
    3. Strategy & Tactics
      If your efforts to improve the quantity or quality of your chosen strategy and/or tactics does not improve your results, then change your STRATEGY CHOICE and try a different activity. Perhaps telemarketing is not the way to reach your target market. Try face-to-face cold calling (or as some call it, “Bold calling”).
    4. Focus on MIT
      This may be a “come to Jesus” idea. Are you truly focused on the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS – that is actions that will have the biggest payoff? Or are you procrastinating by cleaning your in-box and “getting organized,” instead of making calls?

By paying attention to your business activities and staying focused on the biggest ROI, you will make more income, probably feel less stress, and have more fun. So try it and take action today!


Bob Kamemian, co-founder of ROI Business Advisors, has spent his career helping businesses become stronger, their teams become more effective, and their owners became better at running operations. Clients often move from barely surviving to thriving, many grow over 40% in the first year of working with ROI, and some became multi-million dollar companies.

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