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A Guaranteed Way to Get More Sales (Really!)

Would you like a guaranteed way to increase your sales?  The business principle of getting more of what you want by measuring it may be the answer.   As simple as it sounds, if you measure what you want, you will increase your chances of getting it, and will attain it faster than if you did not measure it.   The saying is that you get what you inspect.  As with many business rules, it is the application of this rule that is the key in determining your level of success.

Sales performance is a good example of how to apply this principle.  It is not just the final results, such as number of sales closed or dollar amount of sales that you need to measure.  You also need to measure your performance in the interim steps to reach those goals, which are the drivers of your sales success.

There is a five-step process to do so:

  1. Determine the metrics, i.e. sales drivers, for your business
  1. Continue your sales activities
  1. Test and measure your results in each driver over time, versus before starting the strategy (baseline)
  1. Adjust sales activities as needed
  1. See how much your sales increase

Examples of sales drivers for your business may be:

  • number of members of your target market who you contact
  • new (unqualified) leads generated
  • number of (qualified) prospects that progress to the proposal stage
  • how many proposals you write

By doing so you will improve your results in both: (A) number of closed sales: & (B) dollar amount of closed sales.

The reasons for this are not magic.  They are a combination of psychological principles rolled into one strategy.  This works so well that I call this one of the few guarantees in business.  By measuring your performance in sales drivers specific to your business, you are guaranteed to increase sales over the long term, all other factors being equal.  This works because you get what you inspect.

Start trying this strategy on your business and see how much your sales increase over time.  Why wait?  Start increasing your sales today!

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