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Marketing Events

Continue 2018 with Awesome Results!

by attending the ROI Quarterly Business Planning Workshop


4Q2018 Quarterly Business Planning Workshop

  • Combines annual goal-setting and quarterly business planning
  • Integrates your strategic and annual goals, and your daily activities

Where you:

  • Create clear, specific, achievable annual business goals which will exceed what you would have otherwise set as your goals for this year
  • Are focused on strategies to implement in your business – to help you master your time, be clear on your priorities, help you create the right mindset, and the tools you need to achieve your goals
  • Strategies are focused on either increasing leads, sales and profits; or on increasing efficiency, building a stronger team, and helping you become an even more awesome manager of your business, which you will operate with less stress
  • By changing your thinking from this half-day meeting you will take different actions, and enjoy significantly better results in your business during the quarter and year
  • This workshop is designed for business owners and salespeople looking for a 40 to 400% increase in net profit, but is not recommended for businesses looking for only a 10% increase
  • Leave the meeting with new ideas, a solid plan for the quarter with strategies you can implement, and achievable goals for the quarter

If you would like to participate, please contact ROI Business Coach at 866-306-9799 by September 26th to register. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO PARTICIPATE.


Pre-workshop assignments will be sent to you, and materials developed for each participant will be distributed at the workshop.

Bob Kademian of ROI Business Coach/Advisors will be running the 4Q18 Qtrly. Bus. Planning Workshop in Milford, CT

· Wed, October 3, 2018 from 12:00 pm (sharp) until 4:30 pm at the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce Conference Room

· Fee will be $250 (including tax, payable by check) per person

Tom Hoarty will be running the 4Q18 Qtrly. Bus. Planning Workshop in Burlington, MA

· Fri, October 5, 2018 from 7:45 AM until 12:00 PM  (EDT) at Grand View Farm 55 Center Street Burlington, MA 01803

· Fee will be $250 (including tax, payable by check) per person